Tech vs Banks?! Day trading vs Swing trading? Stock analysis and trade ideas for September!

In this video: My September Stock Plan, Breakdowns of Course Members’ Tickers, and Long-Term Trade/Investment Ideas!
0:00 Welcome
0:18 SPY
2:22 QQQ
3:00 TLT
3:09 XLF
4:00 M1 Finance
5:15 IWM
6:50 VIX / VVIX
8:50 UBER
11:45 ABNB
14:26 JD / China Stocks
16:37 NIO
17:55 TSLA
18:25 BABA
18:50 BIDU
19:28 BTC / Bitcoin / Crypto
21:07 MARA
21:19 RIOT
21:40 COIN / Coinbase
22:15 GME / AMC
25:17 BB / CLOV
27:18 GOOGL
29:31 NVDA
31:44 My Picks (SONY SQ SPCE)
35:06 Answering your questions!
37:13 Closing debit spreads early
38:51 Ending/Goodbye
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